This recipe can not be located in any cookbook. In simple fact, I coined the title for this bread myself. It is bread that I loved when taking in bologna sandwiches during my early faculty times expanding up in New Jersey.

I 1st came across this odd bread in the course of university lunch split. Across from my college, in the middle of Newark, New Jersey was my favorite deli. There was often a line of pupils waiting to get their freshly baked bread with their preferred meat and cheese.

Then for the duration of my large university years, I discovered this bread once again. My palate was starting to produce and I had gone from bologna sandwiches to Italian design hot puppies. This is a fantastic very hot dog sandwich stuffed into a minimize 50 percent of traveling saucer bread covered with mustard, peppers, onions and fried potatoes.

Afterwards, I located out that this bread has been manufactured for centuries in the Center East. There are many different variations comparable to pita bread or Armenian bread. My variation is special and was derived from my pizza dough recipe. Right here is my recipe and I hope you take pleasure in it!


A poolish is a bakers expression that is used in making Italian and French breads. It enhances the flavor of the bread.

1 – Cup of flour
1 – Cup of h2o or buttermilk
1 – Pinch of yeast

Mix the flour h2o and yeast right up until it appears like a pancake batter. Store the poolish in a plastic container and permit it sit overnight in a heat area. The next day the poolish need to be bubbly and ready to make your dough. Consider the poolish with equally water and buttermilk and see which one particular you like far better.

Dough Substances:

3 – cups of flour
1 – cup of heat water
1 – teaspoon of salt

1 – teaspoon of yeast
1 – tablespoon of olive oil (optional)

Include the poolish to the previously mentioned components and kneed your dough right up until sleek. Include a minor more flour if necessary. Then place your dough in a covered container and permit it sit at room temperature for 1 hour. Following that enable your dough slowly and gradually increase in the fridge overnight.

Very first Rise:
The subsequent day just take your dough out of the refrigerator and let it occur to room temperature, this will take about 2 several hours.Be sure to provide a warm spot for your dough for its first rise. When it has virtually doubled in dimensions it is ready to form into rounds.

Next Rise:
Use a big flat cooking pan and spray with olive oil. Condition your dough into 4 spherical flying saucer formed buns and spot them on the cooking pan. Bread baking and every saucer must be about 6 or 7 inches close to. Go over them with a light-weight plastic wrap that has been sprayed with olive oil. Permit them increase once more for about an hour or a lot more. They need to be puffed out a minor.

Set your oven temperature to about 400 levels and cook dinner about 15-eighteen minutes. They must be a gentle brown when done. Permit them sit out to amazing just before cutting.

When cool reduce in fifty percent and break up the centre open up so that you can things your sandwich meat or scorching puppy in it. This recipe can make 8 – 50 percent rounds of traveling saucer bread. Appreciate!