Ladakh-tourism is the  Best Chadar trek company is a spectacular expedition that makes up the most hanging and fascinating winter treks across the complete planet. The path normally takes you by way of the frozen Zanskar River. The path contributes to an exceptional chance to vacation and get common with the classical culture of Zanskar, which is an amalgam of Tibetan and Indian cultures.

Very best Time to Go for Frozen River Trek India

The months of January and February are the best time to trek in the Frozen Chadar river trek. Generally, the winter season months make up the experience in mid-January to finish-February is when most of the hikers have out trekking in the Chadar Trek. Savoring increase in its freshest form, as extended as warning is needed.

Chadar Frozen River Trek: Demanding Trek

The main difficulties that you may possibly confront for the duration of Chadar Trek are obtaining habitual to the significant local climate situations at an altitude of around 13,000 toes earlier mentioned sea degree. The lengthy-drawn and arduous trip can trigger lassitude in the trekkers, and thus, there is a need for higher resistance and physical fitness. High endurance and capacity are not avoidable when embarking on the Chadar Trek.

Lifesaver Suggestions: Precautions On The Frozen River

● A single should advise at the very least one pal or household member to guarantee that he or she has an individual for assist in case of an emergency.

● Carry warm garments as there is excessive numbness on the Chadar Frozen river trek, and the temperature ranges from -15°C and -30°C.

● Trekking to this sort of an elevation at this temperature is not a joke. Get all set with foods and be hydrated throughout the trek.

● If you desire to have a really worth commemorating encounter then, get prepared to emphasis on your strolling. Take some prior time for going for walks and respiration workouts prior to heading trekking in Chadar.

● Most importantly, trekking is unpredictable, so make certain you have all the essentials medications such as:

➢ Discomfort Killers
➢ Anti-allergens
➢ Precautionary medications for diarrhea, altitude sickness, oral rehydration drugs
➢ A pair of band-aids
➢ To stay away from dehydration, carry vitality bars and chocolates.

● Don’t overlook foods or snooze. Have cozy sleeping baggage.

● The mantra is to layer: Thermals shirts, thermal trousers, woolen gloves, woolen socks, and woolen caps are a must.


The Chadar trek is a have to go for all treasure hunters and adventurers. After you full the trek, you will really feel like you are on prime of the world as you will comprehend the eternal allure of the pristine landscape, which is untouched.