In my viewpoint if properly kept a colorbond fencing will certainly outlive a wood fencing by 5-10 years. Colorbond fences are made from steel so the paint will discolor and the steel at some point corrosion however not so promptly as dealt with pine or perhaps hardwood posts will rot with sufficient to lose security.

A modification growing in appeal to enhance the life of the lumber fence is to use Galvanised steel posts. Galvanised Steel posts might eventually corrosion but the steel is thicker than colorbond steel so the articles will certainly last longer than colorbond messages nevertheless the hardwood will still typically warp, discolor and rot consequently still living much less time than a colorbond fencing nevertheless if the fencing is preserved correctly when the timber has actually seen its last days you can simply reduce the lumber framework away and also re-use the very same steel blog posts for your next fence.

This will reduce the expense of your next fence significantly due to the fact that the majority of the work in fence structure is the setting of the posts which won’t be required. The rate of a conventional 1.8 m high paling fencing is not raised using steel blog posts as light scale steel posts can be utilised for the same cost as hardwood messages.

If you desire to update to a higher fencing or lapped palings then this will certainly enhance the expense of the steel blog posts as heavier scale steel will be called for. Steel articles will certainly boost the life of your wood fence nevertheless lots of people don’t such as the look of steel messages and want their whole fencing to be made from wood, therefore, choosing lumber posts.

Colorbond will normally last longer than wood fences with timber messages, it has other negative aspects. The warm from our warm Australian sun is taken in right into the steel and radiates onto plants near the fencing which can be dangerous to the plants depending on exactly how well the plant deals with raised temperature.

Also, shade bond fence is quickly bent or nicked by kids, animals or vandals. For this reason, I do not suggest a colorbond fencing that backs onto a public area since mischief-makers appear to love marking them, (spraying them with spray paint) or kicking and also nicking them.

Although there are over 32 colors to select from with your color bond fencing, next-door neighbors commonly do not agree and it can be pricey to repaint one side a different shade.

In recap, both colorbond and timber fences have their benefits and drawbacks as well as your personal scenarios will certainly depend on which fence type would certainly best suit your demands. Find also Colorbond gates Canberra.