Due to the existing worldwide economic crisis, a lot of people nowadays are searching for ways on how they supplement their monthly income to be able to sustain their everyday requirements. A lot of people are being laid off from their work. They need to search for other methods to make aside from being a regular worker.

With this in mind, many have resorted to venturing into online companies. Yet, there is no easy way, because a lot of online services have actually opened given that the dawn of the internet way back the late 1990s. And it is quite hard to take on recognized sites such as Google, Amazon, eBay, and ClickBank. People have to discover other options on how to earn money without having to take on huge sites.

So how then can we earn money online without having to offer anything or screen Google AdSense?

How about earning money with what you do every day? Something like your pastime?

Taking a look at the existing trends a lot of people nowadays are connected to 2 sorts of sites: Social Media Sites and Video Sites.

In this article, we’ll talk about how we can generate income with Video Sites, particularly YouTube.

According to Mashable.com in 2010 YouTube went beyond 2 Billion views each day, and it is still growing even more. Think of an individual watching a minimum of 5 one minute video each day, with almost 6 billion internet users, half of which are using YouTube every day. Think of if you could turn at least one thousand of those viewers into cash making machines? That would be a lot of money huh?

So how do we convert those watchers into cash making machines? There are really two ways: First, you produce your own video, then make it go viral, then post advertisements on your videos or links to your affiliate websites. Second, is merely to earn money enjoying YouTube videos.

However let’s make it real, not everybody has the ability to create videos to publish to YouTube. Maybe even the one reading this do not even understand how to make a basic 30-second video clip. In spite of that, everyone is watching YouTube. That is simple.

You might be wondering how any person can make money from seeing YouTube. Well, if there is online marketing, there is likewise video marketing. A lot of people will pay cold cash for those people who can drive traffic to their videos. Which is where the money can be found in.

There are great deals of sites that allow you to generate income watching YouTube videos, even paid announcements. Although the pay is not so high, however at least, even five years of age kid can do it. Make Money online 1xbet.