Gemstones or precious stones are pieces of mineral crystals which can be cut, polished and shaped to beautifully mirror its inherent shade as well as light to the observer.

These crystals are made use of as centerpieces or accessories for fashion jewelry or other decorative things, such as watches or masterpieces. Particular rocks like lapis lazuli, or organic items like pearl and also amber are additionally taken into consideration as gems. Out of over 130 various kinds of precious stones available in the world, the present origins of 4 preferred kinds are gone over listed below for reference.


Opals are found commonly all over the globe yet all are not in the jewel group. The rocks of premium quality and also appeal are located in the Australian Outback gem mines. These mines make up over 90% of the world’ total priceless, jewelry-grade opals. Some opal mines of Ethiopia have additionally started production of top notch white opals, widely called Welo opals. The fire opals of Mexico are brilliant, yellow-colored stones favored greatly by the jewelry experts these days.


The Burmese (now Myanmar) Ruby has been considerably prized everywhere for its rarity and demand as a result of its unique inherent high qualities. The “pigeon-blood” Burmese rubies are a few of the rarest and most desired gemstones on the planet. These rubies radiate light and show a dazzling kaleidoscope under ultraviolet or sun ray. Myanmar still has a substantial variety of ruby mines, yet the general quality has boiled down from the previous yields. East African nations like Tanzania, Mozambique and also Madagascar are the newer resources of these fine gemstones given that the 1960s. Also, new ruby deposits have actually been discovered in Vietnam and also Greenland in recent times.

Emerald greens

The Columbian emeralds regulate the most effective value in the world as a result of its premium quality and also stable production since the old times. These eco-friendly gems contain chromium, which is in charge of its inherent coloring. The other South American nation creating good quality emeralds is Brazil. The precious stones from its mines contain traces of vanadium as well as are touched with a slight gray or brownish color. Zambia in Africa additionally generates high-grade emerald greens. The Zambian rocks contain iron traces however are clearer than the various other generates and also commonly show a bluish-green color. The more modern-day emerald findings consist of the Panjsheer Valley mines of Afghanistan, whose quality approaches the Columbian gems.


The very best quality and one of the most beautiful-looking blue sapphires originated from the mines in the Kashmir region of India in the past. These “cornflower blue” gems currently inhabit locations of pride in the precious jewelry collections of the connoisseurs and galleries. The Myanmar sapphires from the Mogok area are likewise valued around the world. Sri Lanka produces the most variety of these gems in lots of various other shades together with the signature blue. The American state of Montana additionally produces light-blue as well as pink sapphires on a smaller sized scale. Check peridot rings.